Hair Mascara

Light Blond

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  • SYOSS Hair Mascara Black captures your strands and roots into an intense black with a natural-looking finish.

  • Mahogany will transform your strands and roots into a natural-looking hair color with deep brown undertones and stunning red reflections.

  • Red gives your strands and roots a dazzling red hair color with an intense finish.

  • For an intense, luxurious brown shade with a natural-looking finish try our new dark brown shade for your strands and roots.

  • Medium Brown gives your hair a rich and luscious brown tone to create a rich hair color result.

  • Chocolate Brown captures your strands and roots into a warm chocolate brown for a color result as tempting as chocolate.

  • Light Brown is a naturally looking and balanced brunette color with a neutral reflection for your strands and roots.

  • Dark Blonde will give your strands and roots a natural-looking finish for an effortless and elegant deep blonde look.

  • Medium Blonde wraps your strands and roots in a luxurious medium blonde color

  • Light Blonde illuminates your strands and roots into a bright neutral blonde for a fashionable luminous color result.